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Our History

The Story of Choo Choo Moo

This land has been shaped by centuries of farming but the story of Choo Choo Moo starts with a sailmaker from the East End of London who had a vision for a new life. In 1928 Eric Sarjant Bond left the dirt and the noise of Bow behind and brought his family to the Waveney Valley to start a new life in farming.

The cows and the milk they produced shaped the life of three generations until the early years of this century. However, as making a living off the land has become harder over the last few years, the Bonds have looked for other ways to provide for their family. 

Choo Choo Moo is now an integral part of that lifestyle change.


Originally when Eric’s family moved onto the farm, the road that exists today in the valley was a railway line linking the market towns of Beccles, Bungay and Harleston with the main London line from Norwich at a place called Tivetshall. 

Right up until the 1950’s that railway line was the main route over which agricultural goods came and went, milk included.

Before the days of refrigerated lorries the 10 gallon aluminium container was a common sight on railway platforms across the land. These were brought from the farm by horse and cart and then loaded by hand onto goods wagons for the journey to the nearest bottling factory. 

Much of the milk from this part of the world was supplied to the people of London’s East End. 

Most notably one of the stunning carriages at Choo Choo Moo was in fact used to transport the milk from the farm down to London. 

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